Spettro – Houston, TX (Get Physical Music)

Diversely talented Edward Scott, aka Spettro, is a mosaic of vivid music.   Embracing the full spectrum of Techno and House, he responds to the moment — be it to feed the fire of a large club or appeal to the deeper side of an intimate atmosphere.  With an energetic mixing style and visible passion for moving with the crowd, his DJ performances are a heightened experience.  Rooted two decades-deep in the Texas underground, Spettro’s following is as loyal as it is extensive, and his productions are played around the globe by DJ’s such as John Digweed, Pig & Dan, Carl Cox, Tiefschwarz, Jay Tripwire and many more.  Spettro has also performed around the globe, with shows in nearly every major US city and international destinations spanning 4 continents.

Notable achievements include his Fried Love E.P. released in September 2015 on Get Physical Music (Top 20 on Beatport Deep House charts), remixes for Crosstown Rebels & Bedrock (as Extended Play) + music licensed to Defected, OM, Renaissance, MTV, and the hit television show Breaking Bad.

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champagnebeat Carl Cox “The Player” -Spettro, Alex Clavijo Remix Bush Records (2012) Buy at Beatport
champagnebeat Spettro – “Skibba” – Uniform Recordings (2012) Buy at Beatport
champagnebeat Spettro, Alex Clavijo “Xcaret” – King Street Sounds (2012) Buy at Beatport
champagnebeat Spettro, Alex Clavijo – “Sweet 17 + Escalofrio” Boo Records (2012) Buy at Beatport
champagnebeat Spettro “Peezy Hot + Hunab Ku” Bush Records (2011) Buy at Beatport
champagnebeat Boozy & Swan ‘Champagne Beat Boogie’ -Spettro RMX – Deep House Project (2008) Buy at Beatport
Bryan Gerrard ‘All Nite-(Spettro & Thomas Sahs RMX) -Utensil Recordings (2008)
hotelrump Rick Viera ‘Hotel Rump’ – (Spettro’s Dirty Tub Mix) -Minority Music (2006)
nobody'sleavin Chad Neiro ‘Nobody’s Livin’ (Desmet and Spettro RMX) Chillin Music (2005)
wrong Mazi & Spettro “Wrong” – Espionage (2006)

Daddy J & Just Jason ‘Inner Mexican’ (Spettro RMX) – Grab Recordings (2005)


Olivier Desmet feat. Spettro ‘One Plus One’ – Amenti Music (2005

Buy at Beatport


Natural Rhythm ‘Freak FM’ – (Antoine Diego RMX)

Blockhead (2004)

Buy at Beatport
diddlydoo Spettro and Steve Balance ‘Diddly Doo’ (2004)
littledee Thomas Sahs ‘Little Dee’ (Spettro RMX) – DAE (2004)
organic2 Spettro ‘Organic Greenery Pt. 2 – Simple Soul Recordings (2004)
getting started

Mood Rotation ‘Getting Started’ (Spettro RMX)

So Sound (2004)

Buy at Beatport

tengallon Ten Gallon Hats ‘Patience EP’ – DAE (2004)

Spettro ‘Smoke Stack’ – Market House Meats (2004)

bringit Antoine Diego vs. Midas ‘Bring It’ – Primal Records (2004)

Spettro and Daddy J ‘Be Bop’ – Doubledown Recordings (2004)

Buy at BeatportLink is broken, search Beatport.com database please.
Spettro ‘Texas Toast’ – Mi Casa (2004)

Green Thumb vs. JV ‘Grand Theft Vinyl’ – So Sound Recordings (2004)

Buy at Beatport

Spettro ‘Fever’ – TDD (2004)

Daddy J and Spettro ‘Smoothie’ – Grab Recordings (2004)

Buy at Beatport

deepBreathing Spettro ‘Deep Breathing’ – So Sound (2004) Buy at Beatport
alamofunk Spettro ‘Alamo Funk EP’ – Chalant Music (2003)

Spettro, Diesel and Desmet ‘That’s the Joint’ –

Tango Recordings (2003)

Buy at Beatport

fireinthewood Phil Weeks ‘Fire in the Wood’ (Spettro RMX) – Brique Rouge (2003) Buy at Beatport
Green Thumb vs. Thomas Sahs ‘Taste of Texas EP’ – Heights Music (2003)
organicgreenery Spettro ‘Organic Greenery” – Simple Soul Recordings (2003)
Green Thumb ‘Pequenos’ – Rythmix (2003)
huggabugga Spettro ‘Huggabugga’ -Brique Traxx (2003)

Spettro ‘Confusion’ – Amenti Music (2003)

Buy at Beatport

Spettro ‘Kinsey’ -Grab Recordings (2003)


Spettro ‘T-Shorty’ – Big Chief (2003)

goodtimes Adam Collins ‘Good Times'(Spettro RMX)-Big Chief (2003)
IThinkI Spettro ‘I Think I’ – Aroma (2002) Buy at Beatport
texanconnection Spettro ‘Clark and Wayne’ – Crack and Speed (2002)
spettro_gotcha Spettro ‘Gotcha EP’ – Brique Rouge (2002) Buy at Beatport
Green Bowl Packers EP- Aquarius Recordings (2002)
texhouse Spettro ‘Texhouse EP’ – Bosh Recordings (2002)

Tracks featured on compilations by:

Miguel Migs and Jay J – In The House – Buy at Amazon

Hernan Catteneo – Renaissance The Master Series Vol. 2 (track under the name Green Thumb)

Johnny Fiasco – Nectar Vol. 2 – Buy at Amazon

DJ Sneak- House of OM – Buy at Amazon

DJ Heather – Dancefloor Principles  – Buy at Amazon

DJ Raoul of Swirl People – Aroma Therapy –

David Duriez – Brique Rouge 2 – Buy at Amazon

DJ Dan – Round Trip (track under the name Green Bowl Packers) – Buy at Amazon










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